A different view of Iran

Hossein Fatemi photographer will show you what is hidden from the eyes



Woman during a ceremony Chehel Manbar that passes in front of Ashura in Khorramabad. By tradition, the Iranian woman barefoot lighting 40 candles in certain places in the city center. The ceremony begins early in the morning and lasts all day



Drunken girls enjoying the party. Although there was a relative of the men and women are forbidden to socialize and relax together, many ignore the law in their homes



Rock band at a private concert



Girls at the gym, where women are trained exclusively



Girls playing billiards in the recreation hall for men, where the girls entrance is strictly prohibited nastrogo



Irani Girls smoking a hookah, which was forbidden in public places



Rock music is forbidden, so these guys rehearse at your own risk in a secret place



Iranian Girls smoke on the balcony of the house. At home, they can wear shirts with impunity and not to cover their heads



The guy playing the guitar in a park in Shiraz



Eylya – artist – drinks and smokes in his house



Two Irani girls in the house after the party girlfriends






View on Tehran Milad Tower.



Shervin in his room with the dog. Under Islamic law, a dog is considered unclean animals, so the people of Iran can not keep dogs. Most Iranian dog owners keep their pets in the four walls, because the police have the right to confiscate dogs if their owners will be to walk



A couple reads the Quran at a religious ceremony to commemorate the death of Imam Ali in the cemetery on the outskirts of Tehran



Woman in a beauty salon, where men have no right to go. Work in the salon for men too, of course, prohibited
Source https://www.dailyfresher.com/2014/01/an-other-view-of-iran-18-photos.html Hossein Fatemi
  1. Juan Luis Munoz Velazquez says

    Wow! Are these pictures yours?

    1. tohidshabanloo says

      No Juan Luis, The photographer is Hossein Fatemi.

  2. InternationalIssues says

    thanks so much for the post.Much thanks again. Really Cool

    1. tohidshabanloo says

      Your welcome .please follow my new post “In search of lost places in Iran”

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