Cycling from Switzerland to Italy

After a few days in Lugano, I decided to ride Cristina’s bike from Lugano to over side of Lake Lugano, That’s where it belongs to Italy.I wish that there would be noborder between all the countries of the world, so we traveled and learned.

Cycling from Switzerland to Italy


⛔️Just because you need a helmet for cycling, Cristina asked me to wear my helmet , but Iranian people always swim against the water.

🚳And then, I went to the highway with an unprofessional bike, which meant catastrophic, All cars hugged me and finally one of them stopped and They asked “where did you come from?” I said, very proudly Iran, He said “It is illegal to enter the bike to the highway ,If the police sees you, it will penalize you”  of course, there was no way except for the highway.



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