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Hitchhiking in Russia; My journey with a Ukrainian driver to Moscow


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  • Honestly, hitchhiking was a unique experience in Russia, perhaps in any other country where I did this it was not as exciting Before that, I had asked my Russian friends and they all said with a smile that no one on the roads of Russia was holding a stranger.My driver was a Ukrainian, maybe it was because he stopped.

    No one rides a stranger on Russian roads. she said this after I told her I want to be the first Iranian to do hitchhiking in Russia.

    My host in Saint Petersburg


    My host in Saint Petersburg

    Video of Hitchhiking in Russia, Saint Petersburg to Moscow

    But what is Hitchhiking?

    In the definition of any I can say: take your backpack and hit the heart of the road. When you get on the road, you will most likely find a driver who wants to travel with a stranger who has many stories to tell. Of course, sometimes you may have to stand on the side of the road for a long time for someone to pick you up. Sometimes this can happen in less than a few minutes. It all depends on your luck. Nothing is like a two-handed game that you may win on both sides. The main benefit is that he does not pay any fees. It is also possible to ride in special cars and cars such as trailers and trucks that you have not experienced before. In this way, do not wait for exciting and new events in any of them at any time, which give a sense of pleasure to human beings.

    The driver who rides a Hitchhiker may be nature-friendly, thus preventing the transport of his single-seater vehicle; It also leaves him alone and entertained. In this way, both sides of this exciting and fascinating game will find new friends around the world, introducing the sights and different cultures of their city to each other. In this way, in addition to free travel, free accommodation may even be provided to any hiker.

    Hitchhiking is a safe trip as long as you know how to manage hitchhiking. Every day there are new challenges that you have to face and these are the actions and reactions of the school road that will teach us great lessons.

      Forests of Orkholo in northern Russia

    On the way to Orkholo

    When my host Katrina and I traveled to the north of Russia, we talked about hitchhiking and she told me that she had never had the opportunity to experience hitchhiking. Because she is a woman, she has a fear that she will not be able to try this adventure. I invited a traveler from Spain to Iran and he really liked to try hitchhiking in Iran, and that seemed like a big challenge for him, after twenty days I realized that he had been robbed on a road in Iran. This seems to carry a lot of risk.

    Hitchhiking in Russia, Saint Petersburg to Moscow

    The route I took did not last for almost ten hours, and the whole time I was in the driver's car, I was watching a scary movie. Anyway, this was a hitchhiking, and most of the time he spoke Ukrainian, which I did not quite understand, except for a few places where he spoke about the politics and names of famous Iranian footballers.

    The road from St. Petersburg to Moscow was very beautiful, It took me a while to get to St. Petersburg by train from Moscow and back, which had created a wonderful view with its wide highways and coniferous pine trees. Be sure to try land routes by train or car


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