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Hormoz island; Travel to the land of rainbow mountains


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    Travel to the south of Iran

    Traveling to the south of Iran has always been different for me, I traveled almost everywhere in Iran once, even Khark Island, this time I went to Hormoz Island, I always thought about this trip and hoped to do it on time. Starting our route from Tehran to It was the south of the country, which was a long route and lasted about 16 hours. After reaching Bandar Abbas, we parked the car at the port of Bandar Abbas and went to Hormoz by boat (it should be noted that taking vehicles to Hormoz is prohibited), then We reached Hormoz Island in about 45 minutes, at the beginning the difference of the island is noticeable.

    Tehran to Hormoz Island

      As soon as we reached Sajjad Island (the little boy on the left), we saw his brothers selling handicrafts, selling handicrafts such as island soil in glass and bracelets to tourists. The island (entrance fees) showed the amount of 5 thousand tomans and we paid.

    Sajjad and his brothers

    The area of ​​Hormoz Island is so small that I can say that maybe 95% of the people live in the north of the island (above the island) where the Portuguese castle is located, I did not see the other 5%, I guessed that they are scattered here, This island is so small that all people know each other, which means you do not need to know the address. As soon as you say I want to go to Behnam's house, they will show it to you. But I did not find it cleaner and with more facilities :) The upper part of the island, where the Portuguese castle is located, is where the people of the island live.

    People of southern Iranian origin are always exemplary and in my opinion different from other parts of Iran, the natives of Hormoz Island do more fishing and tourism related work, hard work does not make them lose their patience and their laughter never It does not fall from their faces!

    The beach is known as "top of the mountain"

    The first night we decided to camp on the beach was very cold and the locals told us not to do this at all and we waited until tomorrow night to go to a safe place for camping, the island has many beaches for this, such as Single Tree Beach (because you only see one tree :-)) Multi Tree Beach, Environmental Beach, Mofanq Beach which is very popular, but we went to Sirkuh Beach, in the video you can see that part of the island from above. In the video, I can mention the Portuguese castle, the carpet beach, the salt goddess, the salt cave, the mountain top beach, the red soil beach and the dragon valley.

    Dragon valley

    Local market near the Portuguese castle

    Red Beach

    Mountain of salt


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