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Turkish private police; Unsaid about Istanbul.


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    One of the things I always do while traveling is to unveil the Peace Project which I carry with me on all my trips, a banner that is a sign of peace and written very clearly in English and even a 5 years old child can easily tell from its design and shape that it doesn't send a bad message.

    I was just taking a picture next to Esteghlal Square in Istanbul when 2 people in Casual clothes appeared and angrily grabbed the banner from me and said aggressive words to me in Turkish. He seems he has the situation under his control. I understood that they are Turkish private police, but I did not understand their behavior at all, as if they arrested me during the bombing :)

    First, I tried to explain to them in English, but they didn't understand, even the tourists who were in the picture with me were gathered around us and it seemed that they couldn't stop the police even though it was just a message of peace and something that didn't harm your country. I have taken photos with this banner in different political places before, and so far no problems have happened to me, and this incident made me blaspheme, and I felt very strongly that I should be arrested in a country neighboring my country.

    Peace Palace in The Hague, Netherlands

    Finally, an Iranian was found there who fortunately knew Turkish, when I explained the situation to him, he immediately started explaining to the policemen and translated the text on the banner for them, I even remember that they were looking for their country's flag on the banner, finally after After a few minutes of conversation, they handed over the banner to me and pointed out that I can go, but I shouldn't take pictures with this banner in their country anymore :)


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