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Paris Louvre museum; International Student Identity Card (ISIC)


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    One of the most beautiful and complete museums in the world, this collection houses more than 35,000 paintings, sculptures and works of art as a testament to the artistic history of Europe. With more than ten million visitors a year, the Louvre continues to be the world's most popular museum.

    Photographing the bride and groom next to the Louvre

    Undoubtedly, those who travel to Paris want to visit the Louvre, especially Europeans, because this museum houses the history of European art. But what makes the Louvre so popular? Before the royal family moved to the Palace of Versailles, this huge complex was renovated to become a royal palace in the 16th century. The Louvre was first opened during the French Revolution. During the reign of Napoleon, the museum was renamed the Musee Napoleon and expanded.

    International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

    I always receive this card a week before the trip by paying about 70 thousand tomans. It has many advantages and can be used in most countries of the world, including Iran. I used this card in other countries and there was no problem, but When it came to the Louvre, I was skeptical that they would accept it here either, because the problem is that the word "Islamic" was printed on the card and I could not use the card easily, but it ended up being free. I had to pay about 300,000 tomans, which cost zero Receipt.

    Presenting the International Student Identity Card at the Louvre Museum

    After entering the museum, I was a little confused, although I got a map, but the number of different floors and corridors was still confusing. On the other hand, I had to manage time so that I could visit only my favorite parts. If you want, all parts of the museum It takes at least three days to visit.

    The main hall of the first floor of the Louvre

      This hall is full of lasting and prominent paintings of history on the walls. The roof of this building is decorated with beautiful mosaics, paintings and engravings, some of the pottery in the museum is 5,000 years old. Among the rooms were unique paintings from France, some of which were so large that they could not fit on the walls of an ordinary house.

    Wedding Painting by Paul Verona

    This painting is from six hundred years ago and is kept in a large hall. Perhaps the Mona Lisa painting is the most famous work of art in the museum, but many visitors do not know that the Louvre's greatest painting is the "wedding party in Qana" painted by the Venetian painter Verons. And it tells the story of the first miracle of Christ and the conversion of water into wine. Right in front of this painting, you can find the Mona Lisa, which, of course, attracted a large number of visitors, and I could hardly take a few photos :)

    Lisa Del Giocondo's painting

    Experts believe that the face of this mysterious woman may be a combination of several different faces. Da Vinci, who is exposed to tens of millions of tourists every year from the Iranian civilization to Egypt, why is this work of art in the spotlight?

    Then I went to the "Egypt" section, which was unique in its kind, and I can say that most visitors spent more time in this section. Unfortunately, the ancient Iran section was closed because it had part of a museum to move to Tehran was preparing.

    1 minute video from the Louvre Museum


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