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Lake lugano; Monte Berre and hospitality of Christina


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  • Choosing Switzerland for travel was not an easy choice, although I had first chosen my destination Geneva, but later decided to travel to Lugano, Switzerland. As soon as you choose a destination, you should consider where you will find accommodation or if so, how much it will cost! Undoubtedly, Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in Europe, and given its currency, the franc, Iranians do not have much power to spend their money.

    I had sent requests to several people before the trip, the first person who accepted my request was a woman who lived in Geneva and had previously traveled to Iran, but unfortunately due to the delay in my departure, my accommodation plan was canceled, so I chose the city of Lugano. The first person to accept my request was Christina, who was very interested in learning about Iranian culture and invited me to her house.

    Christina is cooking Italian food

    During my 5 days in Lugano, Switzerland, Christina helped me a lot that I did not expect at all. Before arriving in Switzerland, I was careful to spend the money I had on my trip, which I did not have a problem with in Switzerland for a while, but it was exactly the opposite, of course, thanks to the hospitality of dear Christina.

    lugano, Switzerland

    Does Lake Lugano belong to Switzerland or Italy?

    Lake Lugano is located between Lake Maguro and Lake Como, part of which is located in Switzerland and partly in Italy. It borders the Swiss-Italian border with 67% of its area in Switzerland and 33% in the Lombardy region of northern Italy.

    Lake Lugano is the border between Switzerland and Italy

    Monte Berre rises at the northern end of Lugano, accessible by narrow sidewalks and wagons. Next to a balcony with unparalleled views, you can find two restaurants. On the east slope, the village of Lamb, is a collection of traditional Ticino-style houses that are popular with artists. Lamb is said to be the sunniest spot in Switzerland as well as one of its most scenic spots.

    Lake Lugano and Monte Berre in the back

    A three-minute video of my trip to Lugano


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