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Moscow Travelogue; The story of Alexander and love for Dostoevsky


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  • My 30-day trip to Russia in June 2017

    At this moment, the price of the dollar is 3,794 Tomans

    • One month Russian visa 420 thousand tomans
    • The cost of my flight with Russian AeroFlot was 1 million Tomans
    • I was carrying food equivalent to 60 thousand tomans for 15 days of travel
    • I took $ 300 with me in cash

    Backpack - ready to travel to Russia

    One day I happened to decide to travel to Russia, but there were two main reasons. It was (I had heard from someone that the Russian visa has a positive point in getting a Schengen, but later I found out that it is not very much) I will be back before the start of the semester, a few days that the work of the duty system takes aside.

    Moment of arrival at Moscow airport

    I was looking for a host before the trip, but I must say that I did not find anyone until I made a request on Facebook and one of my Facebook friends who had already come to Iran invited me to his blood in Moscow. He speaks very fluent English and we were able to Arrangements Let's plan the first week of our trip to Moscow together. The photo below is the moment I meet Alexander for the first time at the airport. It did not surprise me.

    Alexander is my host in Moscow

    Alexander loves Iran and its culture very much and among the many books he had, he put "Saadi" in a different way from the others. It is interesting to know that he also memorized the Persian alphabet and tried to start learning the Russian alphabet from the Persian alphabet. It was not very successful. The photo below of my resting place in Alexandre's kitchen, in general, was very crowded and small. I can say that it was the smallest house I had ever lived in, but it still made me feel adventurous.

    My place of residence in Moscow - Alexander Kitchen

    For those who always say we like to travel with you and I have to ask them, can you stand such travel conditions and can you sleep on a spring bed in the smallest kitchen in the world? I remember in the middle of the night in the same kitchen the pipe above my head exploded and I had to sleep on the street in the morning, in the picture below you can see what traveling with a backpack looks like

    After a break, I went to the city center, for those who want to travel to Russia, I must say that the subway is one of the big challenges of their trip because of the large separation and different lines, very little use of English words, but it has the most beautiful subway in the world. I can say that each station has its own adventures and of course Dostoevsky Station was the most popular for me. The photo below is a guide map of the Moscow metro.

    Moscow Metro

    I will never forget the moment I first entered Red Square. I was climbing the subway stairs and on a rainy day I looked at a large red mansion. Difficult or even impossible, the Russians, as many of you have heard, are cold and unfriendly people, but not all! On the first day of my trip, my Russian friend Christina showed me the fascinating places around the Kremlin at her suggestion.

    With Christina on Red Square

    The moment I passed around the Kremlin, I noticed an Iranian named Arash, who had just come on a tour and was going to stay in Moscow for three days and in St. Petersburg for two days. I came to Russia, he was surprised and kept asking me questions. Of course, we are still in touch, but our meeting ended in the same few hours in Moscow.

    Arash and Christina

    Moscow is a big place and you have to plan. I think Gorky Park is the best place in Moscow

    Gorky Central Park

    One of the oldest theme parks in Russia is Gorky Park, which was built on the Moscow River in 1928. In order to relax somewhere, I think this park is the best business, especially in the colder seasons, skating enthusiasts go to this park to Enjoy this winter fun. Gorky Park is often crowded, I missed the number of times I went to this park, but I think I went to this park four times because it was big and varied.

    Gorky Park Map

    Video of the first day in Moscow

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