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Noon Slow Food; Eight hundred years younger than Rumi


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  • Finding a vegetarian restaurant in Tehran has always been one of the difficulties for my friends in Tehran. It is rare to be on the street and come across a vegetarian restaurant, but this time I stumbled upon a restaurant that I decided to write about.

    Vahid Gholami; Owner of Noonslowfood

    The owner of Noonslowfood, Vahid, does not eat meat and does not serve meat dishes. Anyone who enters Noonslowfood must read the charter. And as long as he sits in the dining room, he is committed to it. He was born in 1985, but he himself says that he is 800 years younger than Rumi.

    Vahid is reluctant to take orders, because he believes that if something is custom, art will go out of it and become an industry. He does not have a menu in his dining room and does not set any prices for food; After eating and enjoying the food you desire, you pay whatever amount you like.

    "Ashekhouri Noon" stands for slow eating and the name that "Vahid Gholami" has chosen for his food. For him, the customer has no meaning and he treats his guests with fruit and tea at the beginning of their arrival so that the food is ready. Coffee and Nescafe are not served in "Ashekhori" either, it is neither like a coffee house nor like a coffee shop. He gives .. to the host and at the end he pays a gift and leaves to maintain the "Noonslowfood".

    Inscription of Noonslowfood

    According to this young steward, this restaurant is not a subset of "slow food", although it is not unrelated to it. Today it is like this and tomorrow it may be different. Existence is a current in which we stay if we want to prove something.

    Vahid has previously traveled extensively to India due to his work in the field of clothing, and later became involved in food, theology, and philosophy, and, in his own words, found his mission as a steward.

    "I can't say for sure when the rain started and when it ended, and that's exactly how my work started," he says of how he became interested in cooking. The love of art begins where you are encouraged and see your success, and then you fall in love with it. After all, no one loves a particular work, everyone loves to present their thoughts, and the best way to art is to create a work of art.

    Along with Elizabeth, Alison and Ehsan

    Vahid adds: "Everyone tries to choose a work of art, one is theater and cinema, the other is stewardship, painting, music or any other art." Everyone wants to turn whatever they think into a work of art.

    The stewer combined so many different foods and sent his friends to the hospital that he finally figured out what kind of food he could combine and cook his food. If you eat a type of food 40 times in "asshokhori", its taste is different from before, because the ingredients and spices of the food change each time.

    He believes that the food he makes is a work of art, and art has unity; However, every time the color and surface appear in the moment, which may not be the case at another time. Art only happens once. "Vahid" has 44 types of spices in his dining room and each time he uses different spices in the food he cooks.

    "Ashekhouri Noon" is decorated with kitchen utensils; Light comes from gutters hanging from the ceiling in the room, there is a mirror on the bottom of the frying pan attached to the wall, and the handles at the entrance are spoons and forks. Traditional music is usually in the air.

    The steward also emphasizes the decoration of his food: It is important to decorate the food, and it is better for the person who eats the food to enjoy the image of it. In my opinion, the smell of food stimulates the guest to sit at the table, the color of the food makes him want to taste, and the taste of the food makes him eat his food to the end. The lightness of the food causes the party to repeat itself and its health keeps the guest alive so that he can go to Hazrat Haq's table party for a long time.

    In response to whether he teaches stewardship? "I do not see myself at a stage where I want to teach anything, and I only talk a little bit about things I think I know," he says. However, on Fridays we can teach the basics of stew and stew to those who like to learn the culinary alphabet.

    This young steward also fills the food for his guests with tender feelings and sings:

    Let's wait a moment. I know you are in a hurry, but what are you in a hurry for? In order to reach yourself? But you neglected to bind yourself. So you can reach yourself without running. Let's live for a while. Let's get off the ground. Let's not fill our pockets with dirt. Let's wait for a moment and do not strain our feet incessantly until the soil we set up sits. Unsurprisingly, our eyes can see better where we are going and where we are going. Let's hear the voice of the universe. Have you ever heard the sound of a young violet beating? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Violets live very short lives, but they understand moment by moment. Let us also understand our lives, oh Ashraf creatures.


    Address of Noonslowfood in Tehran

    Tehran, Enghelab St., between Valiasr and Hafez St., Khark St., below Vahdat Hall, Saeb Alley, Noonslowfood


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