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Paris; The story of the missing backpack and stay in the Champs Elysees


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  • The first days in Paris were a wonderful experience with all the problems I had at the beginning of my trip (losing my backpack). What problems? From getting a visa to the rising price of the euro, I was leaving when I had it. Stay tuned for more explanations.

      The moment I arrived at Paris Airport

    My backpack being stolen

    The story of the theft of my backpack at the Ukrainian airport begins when, when I arrived at my destination airport in Paris, after presenting my passport at the airport, I was held for half an hour and asked various questions about where I was staying and how much money I brought with me to Europe. , This Roman behavior affected me so much that after passing the gate, when I went to pick up my backpack, I realized that the backpacks of all the passengers had arrived except mine (what a chance!) Well, my backpack is very clean and in the spring, the first thing that comes to my mind The receipt was that one of the airport staff (Iran, Ukraine or France) liked my backpack and picked it up, which I later found out was correct. Frequent contacts with the Ukrainian airline in Iran and emails to the main Ukrainian airline, bringing my backpack to my host Sophie's house in Paris. Of course, some of my belongings that I had left in my side pockets were stolen, and the irresponsible Ukrainian company did not give me any compensation for them.

      My Poor Kidnapped Backpack

    Stay on the Champs Elysees

    My stay at the house of my friend Sophie, who lived on the Champs Elysees, turned bad into good in the first days of my trip. Before my trip to France, about 15 people invited me to their house.In such cases, several options must be considered and one of them is your host location, which of course I chose Sophie because her house was on the Champs Elysees, which is exactly the closest point to all the most visited places in Paris.

      Eiffel from the window of Sophie's house

    A memory I will never forget and laugh at every time I remember it is the story of frying potatoes at Sophie's house.For the first few days when my backpack was lost, I had no food with me because all the canned food, rice and all the food were in my backpack.

      All the items I had prepared before the trip, including food

    I remember I told Sophie that you have something to cook and she pointed to the potatoes in the kitchen, when I was frying I said to myself that this does not satisfy me! At that moment, Sophie said that you are doing the right thing for both of us, right? I told her, do you want it ??? This food will not satisfy any of us.

      Sophie Kitchen

    And this was the result of this memory

    Sophie's reference to my 4-night stay at her house

    Sophie and our latest photo

    Walking along the river is an extraordinary age, especially since it ends in this river in any street you are in. I was on my way,Meeting my French friends, whom I had previously hosted in Tehran, made me unhappy with all my bad luck so far.

      By the beautiful Seine river

    Miriam or, as we say, Maryam, a Moroccan girl living in Paris, I hosted her last year in Tehran, and Elnaz, an old classmate and friend in Lyon, France she lives with me and we spent a day together.

    Elnaz from Lyon and Miriam from Paris

    Finally a one-minute video of Paris


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