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Qadah restaurant in the carpet market of tehran

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  • It happens to all of us that usually a restaurant catches our eye every once in a while, this time at the suggestion of a friend of mine who used to visit this restaurant, we chose this restaurant in the heart of Tehran Bazaar.

    Qadh restaurant has been welcoming many people, including tourists, for many years. This alley is a place of traffic for many tourists, which I think they can find here visually, because this restaurant did not have a page on the internet whenever I looked.

    Qadh restaurant or "Hossein Mikhane Chi" as its name suggests, in old times It was a pub in Tehran, when you enter the restaurant, you realize that this restaurant does not have menu and a man and a woman come and ask you what do you want today?

    First, as an appetizer, a bowl of yogurt and onion will be brought to you, as well as a bowl full of butter 😮. Seeing this butter, I told myself that this restaurant is not the place for dieters

    After twenty minutes of looking around the walls and playing with the scales you see in the picture above, bring our food.

    We ordered the special kebabs of this restaurant, which was Bonab e Pahn and the cost of all that we ordered for two people was 96,000 Tomans in total.

    Address of Qadah restaurant in Tehran

    Bazaar, North Khayyam, Karbalaei Alley, No. 76


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