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Rome; Six thousand year old museum, meeting with Giancarlo Luquenzi


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    An interesting memory I want to tell you about my trip to Rome is that when I arrived in Rome I realized that my internet was not working and I had trouble getting to Mr. Giancarlo's house, I had saved the approximate location of his house in, but this It was not enough, I had a chance to get a photo of his alley from google Street save before going to Rome, in short, after 2 hours of walking from the terminal with that heavy backpack and cold weather, I walked to his house, the interesting thing is that exactly The car that was photographed on Google Street a few years ago was parked on the same alley exactly like that, and I was able to find Mr. Giancarlo's house that way.

    Stay at the home of Giancarlo Luquenzi

    Mr. Giancarlo, 61, an Italian radio presenter and journalist who broadcasts on Italian Rai networks. He invited me to his house, which was a unique experience for me. Below is a summary of Mr. Giancarlo's career biography:

    He began to be a journalist in 1978 at Radio Radicale, of which he was director for 5 years. He subsequently moved on to the newspaper L'Indipendente, founded by Ricardo Franco Levi. After the experience of l'Indipendente he was one of the founders of Il Foglio by Giuliano Ferrara where he remained for 3 years as editor-in-chief in Rome. He then played the role of deputy editor of Liberal, the weekly directed by Ferdinando Adornato. He was called by Sole 24 Ore to the newly formed Radio24 in 2000. From Milan he returns to Rome to be the director of the institutional relations of Telepiù.

    In 2003 he was chosen as head of the press office of the Senate of the Republic until 2007. In 2007, through the experience of the Magna Carta Foundation, he created L'Occidentale, the online newspaper of which he was director for 5 years.

    He collaborated with REDTV and Radio 3 and was a columnist for Il Tempo.

    He hosts the programs of Radio 1 Before Tomorrow and from 2 July 2012 to 12 June 2014 Zapping, which he renamed Zapping duepuntozero, where he was later replaced by Ruggero Po. Subsequently he always leads for Radio 1 Dovestate and from 15 September 2014 Black and white. From 5 September 2016 he resumed the management of Zapping.

    He studied a lot and is a real gentleman, he had a lot of experience in Italian television and radio and he received a gift from Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

    Mr. Giancaro has not traveled to Iran before. When I showed him videos from Iran, he looked at them eagerly and asked questions about Iran and the Iranian people. I hope one day he will travel to Iran and tell his experience to the Italians.

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