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Shakrdasht; one of the unique and pristine summers of northern Iran


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  • Talesh is one of the untouched, pristine and attractive areas of the north of the country. Make no mistake, of course. In fact, Talesh is a green area in the north, half of which is mountainous and the other half is Caspian. For this reason, it has a unique location and climate. Of course, the effort itself is vast and each of its villages and tourist areas has a lot of attraction and description to see.

    But among all these villages in northern Iran, why here !?

    This beautiful region at an altitude of more than 1700 meters, in the north of Talesh city, there is called Shakrdasht summer, which due to its mountainous nature and difficult route, in ancient times was more considered by kings and they came to this summer region for fun and hunting. .

    Talesh to Shekardasht

    The road leading to the summer village of Shakrdasht is a dirt road that is difficult to cross using private cars, and locals often use offroad cars to get around.

    This beautiful road with a unique view of the mountains and dense forests of beech and maple is drowned in fog on most days of spring and summer.

    Unlike many natural sights of Iran, which gradually lose their original beauty due to the presence of tourists who do not pay attention to the environment, this region of northern Iran still remains largely untouched. Shakrdasht is used as a summer residence in spring and summer by people in low-lying areas and surrounding villages. But despite the severe cold and snow in autumn and winter, some residents live in this area all year round.

    This area has many beautiful summers, Lorhoni summers, Lepon Dasht summers, Chorun summers, Pirkari summers and Asbsara summers, as well as beautiful beech and maple forests along the way, pleasant vegetation, lush plains, natural flower plains. And boiling springs as well as unique settlements and rural life have shaped the eye-catching scenery of this region.

    Full video of Shekardasht

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