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Jaran Restaurant; Delicious Thai food in Tehran


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  • In my opinion, Thai food was one of the best foods that I tried, except for some of them that have celery, if you travel to Thailand, you will see many different foods that usually match the taste of us Iranians. One of the foods that I liked very much and always I ordered Sushi Siam, which has a wonderful taste.

    Jaran Thai restaurant in Tehran

    A few days ago, I accidentally found a restaurant that was Thai, as soon as I entered the restaurant, the smell of Thai food reminded me of my trip to Thailand and my memories came alive. Very interesting dishes without meat and of course with meat at a price of about 35,000 Tomans (2018) you pay for each meal.

    There are three people working in this restaurant, an Iranian-Thai couple who are the chefs of this restaurant and a young man who works as a cashier, the restaurant has a simple and calm environment.

    Jaran Thai restaurant address:

    No. 124, Phase 1, Sattar Khan Traditional Bazaar, Sattar Khan Street, Tehran


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