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YouKyung and Han; A long way to Iran; The story of two Korean teenagers

South Korea

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  • I do not even know where to start and tell you the whole story, the adventures of these two classmates encouraged me to learn more from them. Before Iran, they went on a trip to Russia, which was mostly by train. From South Korean culture. Everything you know aside, but keep in mind, they are not people who can easily trust anyone.

    YouKyung and Han are ready to see the city

    How old do you think they were !? YouKyung was 21 years old and Han was 19 years old when they came to Iran. Had traveled to these countries from Iran:

    Austria, Belgium, Cambodia, China, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Estonia, France, Germany, Guam, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Netherlands, Poland, Russian Federation, Singapore, Slovakia, South Korea Taiwan, Thailand, UAE, UK

    Why Iran?

    This is the question I always ask backpackers. Why did you choose Iran as your destination? Koreans, like the majority, give the same answer, to challenge ourselves.

    YouKyung and Han with a Danish friend in my place

    I really want to make friends in the world, I want to communicate about all cultures. When I first traveled in 2015 it was a good experience so if they (backpackers) have a chance to meet in Korea, I really want to. Help them. Also, if I travel to different countries, I want to get their help.

    Korean Backpacker

    YouKyung Lee

    Korean Backpacker

    Traveling has interesting things for me! Since it can make a new friend in another country to feel their different culture and lifestyle. I start traveling, then I want to use this in my future life. I am very interested in I sing, talk and eat with my friends. So I want to make a lot of friends in another countries.

    Korean Backpacker

    Han Joe

    Korean Backpacker

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