Hitchhiking In Russia

Hitchhiking in Russia was a unique experience.Perhaps it would not have been so enjoyable if I did this in any other country (why?) Because I had asked many Russian friends before traveling to Russia
“Is it possible to hitchhike in Russia?” But all of them replied that “no one in Russia would stop for a stranger”.But eventually one person stoped for me and he was Ukrainian 🙂

Isn’t hitchhiking really dangerous?

I know a man who hitchhiked around the world, another who hitchhiked through iran , and I hitchhiked over 12,000 miles around Asia and Europe. It can be done and it can be done safely.

Ronald Reagan did it. Dan Rather did it. Author James A. Michener did it—around age 14 with 35 cents in his pocket, to boot. All three of these men survived their hitchhiking adventures and you can too, if you go about it the right way.

Just don’t tell your mom about your trip, until afterwards…no need to worry her 🙂

no one in Russia would stop for a stranger

Ekaterina My Host In SaintPetersburg


What is hitchhiking?

In the definition of HITCHHIKING I can say “Take the backpack and hit the road.” When you arrive on the road, you’ll likely find a driver who wants to connect with a stranger who has plenty of tales to say. Of course, it’s sometimes possible that you will stand on the road for a long time so that someone will ride you. Sometimes it may happen in less than a few minutes. It depends on your luck. In the English dictionary, this is also the meaning of hitchhiking.

Hitchhiking is like a two-player game that you may win on both sides. The main benefit to the hitchhiker is that he does not pay any fees. It is also possible to ride special cars and cars such as a trailer and a truck that has not previously experienced a ride on them. In this way, in every now and then, you will be waiting for new and exciting events that will give the hitchhiker a sense of pleasure.

Also, the driver is no longer alone and entertained by this.
This way, both sides of the game will find exciting and entertaining new friends around the world, pointing out different places and different cultures of the city to another. In this way, even free travel, you can even get free accommodation.

Hitchhiking is a safe journey, as long as you know how to manage it.Every day there are new challenges that you have to face, and these road and road actions are a school that will teach us great lessons.
Orekhovo , North of Russia


When I traveled to North of Russia (Orekhovo Park) with my host ,Ekaterina, we talked about hitchhiking and she told me that it’s  impossible to experience any of it Because she is a woman, she has a fear that she can not try this adventure.

Hitchhiking in Russia


The route I hitchhiked was about ten hours long, when I was in the car ,the driver was watching the scary movie, loudly, that I could not rest at all but there was no complaint (this is a free riding!). Most of the time he spoke Ukrainian, which I did not understand at all except when he called the name of famous Iranian footballers and politics.


First I traveled to St. Petersburg with a train that was so cheap train then I returned to Moscow, I choose to came back with  car.the road between St. Petersburg to Moscow is amazing I recommend it to all travelers Instead of the airway between these two cities, which often is full of passengers, you should try trains and cars.


1 Min video of hitchiking in Russia



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