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Is Iran Safe to Travel to as a Solo Female Traveler?

Before I started reading more into Iran, all I heard about this country were stories about its politics. In the media, Iran seemed like a place where no one would ever want to visit, leave alone go there as a solo female

Iran’s Hyrcanian forests

UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee voted to add Iran’s Hyrcanian forests to its World Heritage List, praising the area for its “remarkable” biodiversity.The ancient Hyrcanian forests in northern Iran run 530 miles (850

Venice Travel Log

After Lugano in Switzerland, I decided to go to Venice, I was going to have a stopover in Milan But because I did not find any hosting And since I spent a lot of time in Switzerland, I crossed Milan.Venice is one of the

Milad Tower

Dominating the skyline of Tehran’s western suburbs, Milad Tower is 435m high, including 120m of antenna, making it, in 2017, the world’s sixth-tallest free-standing tower. Bearing a striking resemblance to Menara Kuala

Swiss hospitality

After Yanusca invited me to her house, I moved to Locarno, Switzerland, along with Cristina and Lorena, Locarno is another city in Switzerland.

Cycling from Switzerland to Italy

After a few days in Lugano, I decided to ride Cristina’s bike from Lugano to over side of Lake Lugano, That’s where it belongs to Italy.I wish that there would be noborder between all the countries of the world, so we traveled and…

lake lugano in switzerland

Traveling to Lugano was not in my schedule because I had to travel a long way to get here, in order to reach the town of Lugano, I had to cross the Lake Como, one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe, which was a unique…

Daiva From Lithuania

In my opinion, everyone travels to his unique spirits, so I say maybe Traveling alone can free up your mind.Daiva from Lithuania was one of those people. For me, the remarkable thing I saw in her personality was to calm down and…

Siraf, Iran

Bandar Siraf is a city in the Central District of Kangan County, Bushehr Province in Iran. what is the story behind!?