Siraf, Iran

In search of lost places in Iran

My trip to Siraf port began when I visited southern Iran to visit one of the refineries.Asalouyeh was chosen as the site of the PSEEZ facilities due to it being the closest land point to the largest natural gas field in the world.

Asaluyeh, Iran


PSEEZ (Pars Special Energy/Economic Zone)

The PSEEZ is one of the busiest ongoing construction sites in the world. At any one time up to 60,000 workers are onsite, mostly employed in construction of further gas and petrochemical refineries. 

Jam Petrochemical Company


after visiting the company i went to Persian gulf for swim, you can see Jam Petrochemical Company a few miles away, on the shores of the Persian gulf.

Persian Gulf – Asaluyeh

What is the story behind Siraf port (Bandar Siraf)?

Siraf is an ancient city and one of the oldest ports in Iran. Half of the city was drowned after a devastating landslide which occurred 800 years ago and lasted for seven days. some parts of the city are still beneath the water.

Siraf Ancient port ,South of Iran


Leer Valley

Leer valley, a candidate for a guinnesse world record title the city has got many other national monuments. People were buried in catacombs.

Leer Valley in Siraf

People afflicted by epidemic diseases were kept in deep fractures in the rocks. These fractures were then plugged by stones and only a small whole was left on each so that the diseased people could be fed through them until they died.

People were kept in the rocks


No drinking water could be found around here. stones were carved into the shape of a grave as a way of saving water.
Steep slopes and heavy falls of rain were the major reasons behind the construction of strainers around the wells in order to prevent mud and other impurities from reaching water.

at the end, 2 minutes video of Siraf and Leer Valley


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