Venice Travel Log

After Lugano in Switzerland, I decided to go to Venice, I was going to have a stopover in Milan But because I did not find any hosting And since I spent a lot of time in Switzerland, I crossed Milan.

Venice is one of the most expensive cities in Italy, That means the cost of accommodation is incredibly high. My Iranian friend, Sahba could not take me to her dorm but she showed me the Island and we spent half of day together.So I decided to see Venice one day , of course, I think one day is enough to see Venice.

It was a very interesting experience traveling to Venice in the winter
I did not see many tourists in Venice this season
The winter gave beautiful scenery to this beautiful island
Colorful shops, narrow alleys, people with different looks.
Everything is stunning for me.

Now when I’m listening to Doris Day – Que Sera Sera I remember Venice

Afghan Restaurant in Venice

Traveling to Venice was an unforgettable dream for me, most for the visa issues. However, for many, it’s still hard to believe that I was taken Europian Visa without personal involvement or invitation, If you like
I prepared the Schengen visa procedures for Iranians in a post.

Remember that nothing is impossible to reach.

Finally, I decided to go to Italy with a bus from Switzerland. My first destination was the island of Venice.After a day of exploring this island
 My Iranian friend, Sahba invited me to an Afghan restaurant. The Afghans, after my arrival, Played Ebi song for me (Ebi is one of the fav singers of Iran),They spoke to me in Persian, which made me feel like home.

Afghani’s people speak Afghan Persian ,it’s a bit different with Persian’s Farsi

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