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Visa-free countries for Iranians; Iranian passport rank in 2023


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    Tohid Shabanloo
  • Is it possible to travel without a visa?

    Yes! Sometimes countries come to agreements and as a result of these agreements visa waiver occurs. This means that citizens of both countries can travel without a visa. Of course, if we take a closer look, we can divide the destination countries into three main categories:

    • Countries to which you must obtain a visa
    • Countries you can enter without a visa
    • Countries that allow entry with an airport visa: that is, when you enter the country of destination, by filling out a form and paying a fee, your visa will be issued immediately

    If you want to know exactly which countries do not want visas and for which countries you need to get an airport visa, see the answer to your question here.

    Iranian passport rank

    Let's first discuss the awful ranking of Iranian passports. Over the years, we have seen that the rankings of Iranian passports get worse and worse. And socially it affects this ranking and you can clearly see that countries that have good relations with Iran are either without visas or more easily grant visas to Iranians.

    Iranian passport rank among the countries of the world

    This is the rank of the Iranian passport at the end of 2023, which shows that our country is ranked 84th and is on par with the countries of Kosovo and Sri lanka, isn't it great !?

    Table Top Countries

    It is true that our passport is not in good condition, but the important point here is that you can validate your own passport with valid visas on your passport, this is difficult at first but it is not impossible, having valid visas like Schengen in the passport You have a better chance of getting your next visa.

    Visa-free countries

    Below is a list of countries where you can travel without a visa. The number you see in front of each country is the number of days you can stay in that country without a visa: Of course, keep in mind that if you are only allowed to stay in one country for 14 days, you can travel to a neighboring country before this restriction expires. Re-apply for a visa to start the second 14 days.

    Visa-free countries in Asia

    • Armenia (90 days)
    • Malaysia (14 days)
    • Turkey (90 days)
    • Georgia (45 days)
    • Kazakhstan (14 days)
    • Iraq (30 days)

    Visa-free countries in Oceania

    • Federated States of Micronesia (30 days)

    Visa-free countries in the Caribbean

    • Dominica (21 days)
    • Haiti (90 days)

    Visa-free countries in the Americas

    • Suriname (90 days)
    • Venezuela (15 days)

    Until a few years ago, you could travel to the countries below without a visa, but in recent years, you need a visa to enter these countries.

    • Ecuador (90 days)
    • Venezuela (15 days)
    • Cook Islands
    • Federated States of Micronesia (30 days)
    • Niue
    • Qatar

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