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Couchsurfing; Hospitality all around the world


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    Tohid Shabanloo
  • Tania; my host in Chiangmai-Thailand

    What is Couchsurfing !?

    There are many sites that you can use by subscribing to sites such as finding a host. These sites are a handful, but the best and most successful of these sites is Couchsurfing is where you can stay for free at your local home. In the meantime, some of these websites are paid, which means that after staying in the house you want, you have to pay a rent for the number of days you stay, the most famous of which is the AirBnb.

    History of Couchsurfing

    The idea was first mooted in 1999 by a Boston programmer named Casey Fenton. After finding a cheap flight from Boston to Iceland, 21-year-old Casey realized she had no place to stay. Fenton hacked a database from the University of Iceland and randomly emailed 1,500 students, asking them to stay in their homes for free. The result was that he received between 50 and 100 offers, and among them The house of an Icelandic singer. After returning to Iceland, the idea came to him to create a site called Couch Surfing, and finally this website was officially registered on June 12, 1999.

    Casey Fenton- Founder of Couchsurfing

    What are the benefits of Couchsurfing?

    Being in touch with the local people during your trip is a unique experience, whether you want to spend some time in their home, try their food, learn their culture and much more. Couchsurfing does not just mean finding a place to sleep, about two years ago in Tehran I hosted Alexander, a 35-year-old man who owned a beauty store in Germany, the first question I asked him was that considering that you can Pay for the hotel Why did you decide to come to my house? And he replied The best way to touch Iranian culture is to live with them.

    My place in Paris-France

    My place in Moscow

    My place in Florence

    How to trust?

    So far, I have hosted many tourists in Tehran, and in other countries I have traveled to, I have stayed with many people, but so far no problems have arisen. I know that person's past guests and hosts. In this regard, Couchsurfing Police also monitors the activities of members separately.

    My host profile in Italy

    But this website is not just for finding a host or guest. Take it to a place of interest or restaurants you will never find on a map.

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