Tohid Shabanloo

Tohid Shabanloo
Tehran, Iran

I do believe that world is so interesting and big so don’t lose your time and let’s discover it together 😊 I think to the way to peace with humans,war undermines my heart and friendly human’s look like happy for me so let’s be friends together.In this site, I will write about travel experiences and acquaintance with different people, as well as the cheapest travel routes and ways that will help you to have a cheaper trip. In general, I will write travel guides to different countries.One of the main goals of launching this website is to encourage you to travel alone.Unfortunately, many tourists still plan their travels through tours and travel agencies, which in addition to the higher costs,It destroys the sense of adventure in travel.

My goals in launching this site:

Share experiences, especially in the field of travel. Introducing Iran to those who intend to travel to Iran. Helping travelers who want to travel but do not know where to start and do not have enough information. Discourage you from using travel tours.These tips are for no profit and are only for the information of my compatriots. If you know of any place, let me know, if you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

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life process


    Traveling with a backpack with a message of peace 🚀
    In these years, I traveled, traveling with a backpack, in addition to seeing beautiful places in the world I met different people, in these years I started a project with the title "Love your neighbor as yourself". I did and spread this message all over the world.
    Central European Justice Building
    International Criminal Court
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From 2011 until now

    creating web content
    Since 2011, I started blogging and coding for the amazing world wide web I do, online content on the web as well as creating digital content and now this is my job.


    I opened my eyes in Tehran 👶🏼🍼

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