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Luxembourg travel log; Country or city of Luxembourg?


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    Tohid Shabanloo
  • Luxembourg (German: Großherzogtum Luxembourg) is an extremely beautiful country geographically located in northern Europe, located between Belgium and France.

    On my previous trip to Europe, when I was in France, I was planning to travel to this country, but the wiser way was to move south, after a year, I am happy that I am finally visiting this beautiful country. This small country is located next to Germany, France and Belgium and its capital is Luxembourg. The population of this country is about fifty thousand people and they usually migrate here from neighboring countries. Luxembourg While I was here, I realized that Luxembourg is a rich country with stable economic and political conditions.

    This photo was taken on a rainy day from the largest bridge in Luxembourg. The rains in Europe become really unbearable when it comes with the wind, but this city was so beautiful that I put my energy to visit the whole city as much as possible and do my project. To do.

    Central European Court of Justice

    Central European Court of Justice

    Here is in front of the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, and the poster is a symbol of peace in today's war-torn world. Love your neighbor as yourself, this is the slogan that I am spreading all over Europe these days, in every society, every organization, and I will continue to do so.

    The story of the good neighbor

    In the following, I will tell you the story of a man who was our neighbor in Luxembourg and we became friends by chance, he had traveled to Iran with his wife, of course, before the revolution and he told me about those days.

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