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Cologne; Alexander reunion; The story of the missing drone


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    Tohid Shabanloo
  • After staying at Tony's Italian house in Luxembourg for a few days, they decided to go to Cologne and Tony said he could take me with his car, a journey that took about 2 and a half hours. Along the way, Tony was fined at least twice by the speed control camera, and each time he said that there is no problem, I have money.

    Luxembourg to Cologne Germany

    My host in Cologne

    Mr. Karandeep, who was also Indian, invited me to Khush. First, I stayed at his door for an hour because I couldn't find his house and his phone didn't answer. Of course, he apologized to me. When I arrived, I saw him sitting on the sofa and playing drums. The guest who was at his house opened the door for me and he didn't even know about my arrival. After I sat down and greeted him, I saw that he was fine and I didn't disturb him.

    He loved music and playing, and you could see several different instruments around the room. After he realized that I had arrived, his blood rose and I mixed some food together, some rice and other unknown things from the dishes of several other people and put them on a plate. Pour it and let it heat up, I want to say that maybe at that moment I was really tired of eating this food, but I had to. If I'm saying this here, it's not because I don't appreciate or want to talk behind his back, when you go to someone's house through couchsurfing, you should only ask him for a 2 by 1 meter space where you can only use your own things. Sleep and other things such as food and other facilities only show the kindness of the host.

    When it was morning and I looked at the wall of his room, I saw things that I had not seen at night. It is interesting to know that Karandip had one of the profiles in Coach Surfing, which received the most references from his guests, and all of them gave positive comments, and that's why. I decided to go to his house.

    داستان گم شدن هلی شات

    My worst memory in all my travels can be the story of losing the drone, well, I took the drone all over Europe and filmed a lot during the trip, maybe for hours inside the city and roads, even once near the airport of Amsterdam (Schiphol), which is only a few I was meters away from the planes that wanted to land

    When I was in Cologne, Alexander and I went out of town to visit a historic castle called Schloss Augustusburg in Brühl, that is, here

    It was raining along the way and I was hoping that the rain would stop when we arrived, exactly when we reached the place there was no rain or wind, I quickly turned on the drone and sent it to the top of the castle to film. He went behind the tower and I could no longer see him, I saw that there was a storm, the way he was bending the umbrellas of the tourists there, that's when I saw the green light on the control of the drone turned red, and this red light, which I have never seen before, means that It was that the connection of the bird with its control was completely lost. Well, it's interesting to know that in the default mode, when something like this happens, the drone automatically lands in a safe place, and this is the motto of the DJI company. It got better, I went back and looked for him for a few hours, but he couldn't be found, maybe the wind had blown him somewhere far away, maybe someone had found him and had a cut for himself, For me, the most important issue was the videos in the memory that I had taken from Germany and Luxembourg and had not transferred to the hard drive.

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