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A city occupied by monkeys; Lop Buri


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    Tohid Shabanloo
  • While the citizens of the city of Lapburi in Thailand are quarantined in their homes, monkeys have taken over the city and are multiplying rapidly.

    Long-tailed macaques are one of the tourist attractions of this city, and a temple in this city is also home to 6,000 monkeys.

    Thailand is a country full of sights and historical places. Thai temples are one of the must-see places in Thailand. One of those temples, which is located 150 km northeast of Bangkok, is called the Monkey Temple. As a tourist, start from the tourist trail, go to the Lopberry Temple one morning. The city is home to many known ancient ruins, most of which have not been restored. Unlike the historical parks of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai, the ruins of Lopburi are more spread out and require more effort to see them all. Temples attract tourists and visitors, however, the monkeys that live in Lop Buri Temple are the main reason why tourists visit and people stop. It is literally a city of hundreds of trinkets derived from crabs. Most of them are concentrated in two main temples - Phra Prang Sam Yot and Phra Kaan Shrine (across the street from each other).


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