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Halimeh jan Lake; two-color lake Bride of Gilan


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    Tohid Shabanloo
  • Where is Arous Lake?

    If you don't know where Arous Lake is? We have to say that Rudbar is located in Hailme Jan village of Rahmatabad district in Gilan and it is a relatively small lake on the edge of the forest. This lake is home to various animal species including fish such as white fish, frogs and turtles. But what attracts the attention of every viewer in connection with Arous Rudbar lake is the change of color of this lake. The lake is green when the weather is calm (typically before midday), but it turns blue in the afternoon with a little wind. In the following, we will tell about its exact access path.

    Why is the name of this lake Arous?

    The reason for the lake's color change is the presence of algae in it. In fact, algae cover the surface of the lake in the morning, and that's why the color of the lake turns green. As the wind blows and the algae move away, the lake takes on a blue color.

    One of the reasons for naming this lake as Arous Lake is the removal of algae. The lake was previously known as Halima Lake. But the local people have likened this withdrawal of algae to raising a bride's net and now they know it as Cheshme Aros (the story of the naming of the lake is an oral narrative of the local people.

    access route to Arous Lake

    Now it's time to answer this question, where is Arous Lake? To go to Halima Jan village from Tehran, the best route is Qazvin-Rasht highway. Take the freeway towards Manjil and Rudbar until you reach Tutkabon, after that you will see the Halima Jan village sign and enter the exit of Halima Jan village (the village is less than 10 minutes away from the highway.) For the Arous Lake area, car parking It is considered that the entrance fee is 10 thousand tomans.

    Tehran to Halimehjan

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