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Driving to the Far East; From the Netherlands to Iran with Volkswagen


  • Name
    Tohid Shabanloo
  • Niek

    Neik is a Dutch tourist who decided to repair a used Volkswagen and start his journey from the Netherlands to the Far East. He bought his car for 150 Euros and after a series of repairs in the workshop, he started driving.


    A route of several thousand kilometers came from the Netherlands to Iran, which passed through the countries of Eastern Europe, Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan along the way to reach Iran.

    Netherlands to Iran

    My acquaintance with Neik

    I met Neik through couchsurfing; After Neik stay in our house for a few days, I decided to accompany Nik in the continuation of his trip to Iran and travel to the south of Iran together.

    On the way to Kashan

    Maranjab desert

    The underground city of Nooshabad

    This underground city is actually a collection of corridors, rooms, corridors, wells, canals, etc., which is spread under the city of Noushabad, at a depth of 4 to 16 meters from the ground and on three floors. The size of this amazing underground city is so much that it continues outside the historical fence of Noushabad city and its area reaches about 4 square kilometers. What is interesting about this underground city is that this vast complex was built underground. Since the soil of this area is very hard, archaeologists say that diamond-like tools were used to dig this complex.


    But while we were walking around the city, we met a man who invited us to his house after talking for 2 minutes, which was strange for Niek.



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