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Mesr desert; Yalda night in the heart of the desert, away from crowded cities


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    Tohid Shabanloo
  • Mesr desert on the night of Yalda

    Undoubtedly, Iran can be considered one of the most pleasant countries in the world, and its four seasons are the main reason for that. Wherever you go in this country, depending on the region you are in, you will find rainy, temperate, cold or hot and dry regions. One of the most beautiful natural features of Iran, its deserts, deserts that once traveled to them is enough to stay forever its charm and going to the Mesr desert creates exactly this feeling in a person. Egypt is a place that is enough to visit it once and its memory will stay in your mind forever.

    Entrance route to the Mesr village

    From the city of Anarak, when I was walking towards the city of Khor, there was a detour to the village of Mesr. A relatively smooth path that did not damage the car, after a distance of about 45 km and about 40 minutes, I entered the Mesr village at a medium speed. The Mesr village was deserted the day I arrived because I had arrived there the first week and saw nothing but a few cars parked in front of the residence.

    Anarak to Khor - into Mesr desert

    Where is Mesr desert?

    Mesr is the name of a desert village in Isfahan province, 45 km from the city of Jandagh. This village has a total population of about 120 people and due to its uniqueness and breathtaking views, it is one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Iran, so that the Mesr desert tours are one of the best-selling desert tours in Iran. As much as you are not a friend of the desert, you can not see the Mesr desert and not fall in love with it.

    On the way to the Mesr desert, the Mesr village is not the last village before the desert and you can reach another village called Farahzad village after a few minutes and stay there, because Farahzad village is closer to the Mesr desert.

    Farahzad village

    When I arrived in Farahzad village at night, there was no one in this small village and I was looking for a place to stay or someone who could accommodate me one night.I finally found someone who guided me to a residence,A residence called "Barandaz".

    A lodge run by a woman, I asked her about the desert route, and after a tour of the roof of the lodge, I quickly fell asleep to get ready to go to the desert in the morning.

    In the morning, after eating breakfast, I entered the desert route, after about 10 minutes, I entered the sand and continued until the sand depth was not great, and I walked along the sandy path until the non-chassis car went, and next to a sandpit, I specified the location of the camp.

    Why is this called the Mesr (Egyptian) desert?

    You may also be wondering why this desert is called Egypt. In fact, there are various stories about the naming of this desert, the most famous of which goes back to the story of a person named Yousef who was a resident of this village in the past. At the time when the village was facing water shortage, Yusuf dug a deep well and reached the water and asked the people there to put the name of Egypt on it in honor of Prophet Yusuf and his story that happened in Egypt, and the people to respect it. And accept.

    Full video of the Mesr desert


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